34sp.com play host to Urban Giants Design

One of the UKs largest hosting companies, 34sp.com, invited Urban Giants Design to provide a case study testimonial outlining how we view their service range and customer service.

We were delighted to be respected enough as an agency to receive such a request from a large provider, and duly responded with an honest and professional reflection of our views. We are now featured pride of place as part of their homepage advertising.

34sp.com feature Urban Giants Design

34sp.com feature Urban Giants Design

34sp.com have been providing a service for us for years, through domain name registration, hosting accounts and email management; we’ve never considered going anywhere else. Urban Giants don’t make any money from recommending clients to 34sp, we just do it because they provide us with a high quality product and service without removing our eyeballs.

The management facilities which we have access to are simple to use and powerful enough to provide us with full control, without the need of any additional technical support. The help desk support is fantastic, as it’s quick professional and good advice.

You can see our full case study testimonial on the 34sp.com website.

We’d happily continue to recommend them to our clients, providing that their level of service remains as good as it is now.

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