Amazing Interactive Advertising Creates A Unique Bond

At Urban Giants Design we’re always looking for creative and intelligent ways to engage an audience in order to generate exciting, dynamic and memorable responses for our clients.

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to create something new and fresh, and the days of creating flat and static marketing has gone. Today’s society has seen and experienced so much through increased media exposure across a multitude of digital platforms, which leads us to demand so much more in order to command our attention.

We’ve seen flash mob style adverts by T-Mobile, which went viral in a massive way. We’ve seen the growth of interactive TV adverts by companies such as Mercedes. Mini have consistently pushed the interactive advertising barriers and limits with campaigns such as Mini Getaway. These are all hugely exciting, capturing the attentions of millions.

This month there’s another extremely clever campaign which has caught our eye… Coca Cola’s interactive marketing campaign for the launch of the new James Bond 007 action thriller, Skyfall.

‘Unlock the 007 in You’ is the title given to the campaign, which provides you with some insight into the driving creative thoughts which have fuelled this idea.

Coke Zero challenged unsuspecting train passengers to unlock the 007 in them for their chance to win exclusive tickets for the new James Bond movie SKYFALL. However, the tickets weren’t free. People had to go the extra mile and unlock their inner 007 in less than 70 seconds to win. The campaign aims to engage the audience through the use of visual keys familiar to Coke drinkers, which assist in brand awareness and product positioning, whilst ensuring you unlock your inner Bond.

James Bond 007 Skyfall

James Bond 007 Skyfall

Those who engaged in the marketing stunt had to get from one key location to another in under 70 seconds, whilst strategically avoiding many obstacles and distractions along the way, Bond style. Clever use of musicians to keep the task on brand during the 70 seconds, along with assistants with count downs on tablets to keep you going.

The advert provided a huge amount of interest at the location through discussion and participation, which would then transfer to social media networks to send the campaign viral.

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