Are Video CV’s the Future for Creatives?

At Urban Giants Design we are more than aware of the shift towards digital technology for marketing and advertising, with the constant social feeds buzzing around between our businesses forming an integral part of our daily routines. Is this platform therefore a good way to gain employment and deliver your CV? Well, it’s a mixed response and depends massively on your profession, along with how you do it!

In the creative sector it’s always been expected that your CV has to be just as creative as you are, demonstrating your design skills to stand out from the crowd whilst remaining professional. It’s a difficult task which very few other professions can appreciate and begin to understand, as to them an averagely formatted Word document is as professional and creative as it gets. A design CV is at least a well designed PDF brochure full of rich content and visual portfolio samples designed to sell you and your creative abilities, stretching right through to large adverts, boxes and packages that creatively spring open or house unusual things, interactive presentations and portfolio websites, messages on bottles and t-shirts… I’ve even heard of one individual printing his CV on a pair of pants!

We use social media marketing and video technology to develop engaging and rich content to launch brands, products and services, so why not brand, launch and social media market yourself, after all your a product that people may want.

The issue is over the years most Creative Directors and Design Studio Owners have pretty much seen it all, and it’s difficult to get your CV past the receptionist or the PA to the eyeballs that matter. … or is it?

As technology and the dynamics of the creative sector evolve, develop and regenerate then so should you. Forget the dated horrible phrase of ‘thinking outside the box’, use the box that people sit in front of all day… their Mac. As with any other format, if you’re going to do it you have to ensure you do it amazingly well, because if it’s amateur in it’s execution then you’ll be doing more damage than good. Practice first and make sure you know your technology well.

Here’s a few examples of those who’ve done it well and had the desired impact…

Marine Queraux

Victor Petit

Graeme Anthony

As with every successful campaign and creative idea, you will get the design sheep who will copy these ideas and bleat on through YouTube unashamedly pretending the idea was theirs, of which there are many, but the true designers are those who create the initial spark, generating the unique ideas and concepts that the weak minded can only imitate and follow. These are clearly people you wish to meet and hopefully employ.

Design for a reason, not for design sake… plan to be different, but plan to be you.

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