Best Twitter Marketing Campaigns

Following the success of our previous seminars and workshops, Urban Giants Design have been selected to deliver another social media marketing seminar this Wednesday at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, as part of the free business event ‘Sunderland Business Generator‘. Our seminar this time is focused on ‘Twitter for Business‘, where we’ll be focussing on what Twitter actually is, cutting through all of the technical jargon to tell local business owners what it’s capabilities are, and fundamentally how it can help their business.

So in light of this pending social media seminar, we thought we’d take a look at, and reflect on, what we think have been some of the best Twitter marketing and advertising campaigns to date to get your creative minds working.

Best Twitter Marketing Campaigns

Twitter originally started it’s life as an internal communications system at podcasting company Odeo. It’s transition into a global phenomenon started when it was released for public use in July 2006, and it’s powerful communications platform has changed the way in which we do business ever since. The astonishing thing for us is that it’s one of the most powerful forms of advertising available, with an instant response, access to millions of potential customers and businesses, yet it’s completely free!

So Let’s have a little look at a few of our favourites, or what we feel are the most creative. (in no particular order)

iSpy Levi’s Campaign

The iSpy Levi’s campaign is something we’ve reported on before, and was originally launched in 2009, but it’s remains one of our favourite Twitter marketing campaigns due to the originality and creativity. Watch the video below to see how Levi’s used Twitter as a marketing platform to reconnect and engage with the young audience they were appearing to be losing.

Mercedes Benz Tweet Race

Mercedes have always had a strong advertising presence and have adapted to the world of social media marketing as you would expect.

Cars are often the subject of tweets around the world and the topic of conversation, for example a sneak peak of Lamborghini’s concept for their new Urus 4×4 was released by the manufacturer on Twitter this morning.

Mercedes have taken this a massive step forward however, with the launch of their Tweet Race campaign, where tweets are converted into power as part of a four way race. It’s an unbelievable idea and a fantastic piece of technology linked to the Twitter platform. Just watch the video to see how it worked and the impact it had.

And as a little bonus, here’s how Mercedes used Twitter to spoil their owners during the busy Christmas period. A little over the top if you ask us, with some obvious flaws it has to be said, but a creative use of Twitter non the less to gain a lot of precious media coverage.

Volkswagen Twitter Zoom

This Volkswagen Twitter campaign is based on a similar concept to that of iSpy Levi’s above, in that tweets lead you to a live prize treasure hunt on the streets. However, the twist with this campaign is that the tweets are linked to a zooming map which reveals the location of the festival tickets.

Scrabble Tweet

Twitter used in a rather fun and cute way to promote the new Scrabble game, Scrabble Trickster. A good idea.

If you’re a business owner in the North East of England or thinking of starting a business, why not come and see us this Wednesday for free at Sunderland Business Generator. We will be not only delivering the free seminar, ‘Twitter for Business’, we’ll also be giving people advice on branding, brand identity, design, marketing, promotion, advertising, website design, social media marketing, and anything creative.

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