Brand Identity & Logo Design

Urban Giants Design specialise in creating, developing, extending, translating, nurturing and protecting brand identities for businesses, individuals and products. If it needs a visual identity, then we can create it.

It has many names, such as logo, brand identity, corporate identity or trademark, it’s essentially the face of your business.

We know how important a logo and branding is to a business or product; it’s the face and values, the first and lasting impression, it reaches audiences around the world, it speaks on your behalf when you cannot. It is therefore essential that your brand is communicating the exact messages you need it to.

At Urban Giants Design, we see our role as ‘Visual Translators‘, to communicate the core messages, values and quality levels through to a visual, iconic identity acting as an ideogram, encapsulating a clear message to present to a given target audience. We are fluent in visual communication and graphic language, with over 15 years experience.

Whether we are creating and designing a new brand identity, rebranding, or working to extend and develop an existing identity, our primary focus is always the same; to fully research and understand the business, product or service we are visually representing. If we don’t, it may look pretty but won’t communicate the messages want you want your clients or customers to hear.

The next step is brand consistency and intelligent brand roll out, ensuring the brand is translated through to various marketing platforms and formats in a controlled and disciplined way, ensuring visual consistency through colour accuracy, typeface control, layout, supporting photography, use of materials and scale. This process is enhanced and enforced through the creation of a ‘Brand Guidelines‘ document, acting as a bible to your brand identity, ensuring its visual integrity is retained. This creative process results in the creation of greater brand recognition, instilling professional values and trust amongst your target audience.

Urban Giants Design can also advise you on a range of elements and procedures you can employ and integrate to protect your brand and allow for painless future brand expansion without any barriers to growth.

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