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Last night I managed to get home before 9pm, for a change, and caught BBC one’s new four part series, High Street Dreams.

The show is led by highly successful entrepreneur, Jo Malone, who guides small fledgeling businesses through to the realities of pitching to some of the largest commercial retail giants in the country.

BBC One - High Street Dreams (Mon @ 9pm)

BBC One – High Street Dreams (Mon @ 9pm)

It’s a fascinating program for creative design entrepreneurs such as myself, but it’s also interesting for anyone starting a business, or considering starting a business. For those of you who own a business, you know just how difficult and demanding it is to create a successful business, but the leap to becoming a household brand, both nationally and internationally, takes real focus.

Last night’s episode highlighted the importance of a strong brand identity, which communicates a focused, consistent and clear message. It also showed how important an intelligent brand and marketing strategy is to the success of the business, meaning the difference between a small success and a household name.

When it comes to branding and your brand strategy, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than perfect. Your brand needs to intelligently communicate your core values, instigating that instant recognition with your customer base, and ultimately generate increased sales.

The program also demonstrated the importance of product placement on a shelf, what a customers expectations are, along with that of the high street distributor.

The brands were designed and developed using the core company values as the foundations, coupled with marked research into competitor brands. This is an important factor when creating and establishing a brand, how will your product stand up on a retail shelf next to a wide range of well established brands, at varying price points? You can’t ignore this, it’s a crucial differentiating factor in deciding the overall success of your product.

Urban Giants were glad to see that the values and working methods we adopt and instill into all of the brands we design and create for our clients, is one which is used by the top brand agencies in the country. We always knew this, but it’s good to hear it from someone else.

If you watch High Street Dreams and think, “I need to do that with my business”, give us a call for a chat about your business, so we can develop the right brand strategy for you.

Whether you’re an established business or a startup entrepreneur, developing a powerful brand and marketing strategy can be cost effective and have a giant impact. If you would like to discuss the development of an offline or online brand identity and promotional brand strategy, please contact us.

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