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At Urban Giants Design we specialise in brand identity design and developing brand strategies across both print and digital media for a multitude of different companies. In design every day is different, and every project is different, producing a lot of very corporate, commercial and serious brands across a wide range of commercial sectors.

Over the Christmas period the Urban Giants Design team were approached by a good friend of ours to create a brand identity for the local angling club, Hartlepool Pirates. We thought it would be fun to produce and give us a little creative break from the more serious side of the business, so we accepted the branding challenge!

We like to create brands and logos which really reflect the companies and people behind the brand, along with a pictorial and iconic explanation of what they are all about, and what they intend to deliver. With the logo design for Hartlepool Pirates we were keen to follow the traditional pirate feel but with a few subtle little twists to get you hooked.

Hartlepool Pirates Brand Identity

Hartlepool Pirates Brand Identity

We’ve taken the original and classic Jolly Roger and substituted the swords or bones for fishing rods. Then we’ve illustrated an iconic pirate bandana which also doubles as a fish, which is a touch more subtle. Following that, we have selected a typeface which falls inline with the pirate period, but which has a feeling of waves and seaweed to it.

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