Business Generator Brand Identity

Branding specialists Urban Giants Design were recently selected as the preferred creative agency to design a new brand identity Business Enterprise Group’s latest development, Business Generator.

The Business Generator concept is based around business networking style events, with a commercial focus on improving and developing supply chain networks. The Business Generator team’s role is to ensure that they are the key facilitating connector or catalyst between two organisations or businesses, helping to connect a chain which may not have connected by any other means. A service and contact generation opportunity which is vital to a lot of businesses.

This specialist focus on supply chain development is something we at Urban Giants Design were keen to communicate as part of the logo design and development.

The Business Generator Brand Identity & Logo Design

The Business Generator Brand Identity & Logo Design

As you can see above, we designed the brand identity using chains as the brand device. The orange core of the device has been arranged to form a lowercase ‘g’ character, for ‘Generator’. This central element then performs as a key connecting element between two other chain links, which are represented in grey. The visual communication of which then becomes clear, in that Business Generator acts as the essential connecting role in the supply chain between two businesses.

The supporting typeface was then selected to compliment the clean engineered feel of the logo device, with it’s slightly condensed yet open character design.

The brand was then worked into a flexible family identity, which allows for ease of application across a multitude of materials, allowing for application on black, orange and white backgrounds.

The new brand identity is set to be rolled out across both printed and digital marketing material in the coming days/weeks, along with a social media presence.

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