Creative iPhone Apps for Photographers & Designers

At Urban Giants Design we love Apple products, Photography, Graphic Design and generally just being creative. So we thought we’d share with you the creative iPhone Apps which we use on a regular basis as part of our creative process.

Most of us already engage in social media and use App versions of the sites to continue to facilitate our fascination with them when we are on the move. At Urban Giants we are now exception and love to use TweetDeck, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and we even have an icon on there for this, our studio blog. Most of these we use on a daily basis to obtain research and engage with our clients and creative peers.

Social Media iPhone Apps

We have then widened our search to fulfill our creative desires, and located some more creative Apps which we feel are commercially usable for design studios and creatives.

At Urban Giants we love photography, especially retro styles and interesting exposures, so the following Apps include some fun photography items.

Creative iPhone Apps:


hipstamatic iphone app iconHipstamatic iPhone App for Photography

The Hipstamatic App is like having a cool retro Lomo camera in your pocket, it’s great fun!

You can select from a range of lenses, and pick from a selection of quirky retro films to give your shots a really creative twist, with more options available from HipstaMart for a small cost.

We love this App, but the view finder can be a little annoying at times.













Hipstamatic iPhone Photography App

Hipstamatic iPhone Photography App



plastic bullet app iconPlastic Bullet iPhone App for Photography

The Plastic Bullet App is a late addition to our creative list, but one which think is great fun! You can get similar results to the Hipstamatic with this, but the benefit is that you can apply the retro film and lens effects to pictures you already have in your iPhone photo library.

Great App, if a little random with it’s application.

Plastic Bullet iPhone Photography App

Plastic Bullet iPhone Photography App

Instagram iPhone App IconInstagram iPhone App for sharing your Photography

This App is great for sharing your creative shots across social media websites, and viewing other peoples creative shots. The retro icon adds to the charm of this App.

myPantone iPhone App iconmyPantone iPhone App for Designers

This App is made for designers. Have you ever been out with a client and started talking about colours but didn’t have a Pantone book with you to go through? myPantone allows you to flick through the Pantone range of colours and finishes and create shortlists, which you can then email through to your Mac. The display allows you to really see the colour, and the interface allows for easy and quick access.

I’d recommend every designer to have this application in their pocket, because it really helps with meetings. Clients also like to see you demonstrating your intelligent use of technology to solve creative problems.

myPantone iPhone App for Designers

myPantone iPhone App for Designers

These are a few of the Apps we use and love on our iPhones, I’m sure we will discover more soon.

Hopefully we have made you aware of some fantastic Apps to fuel your creative urges.

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