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Every year at Urban Giants Design we select an organisation or a charity to give a little helping hand to, with the aid of design, marketing and promotion. This year we discovered a charity which was full of love and growing in stature day by day; Abbie’s Love raises awareness of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), following the sad loss of the charities namesake, Abbie, who past away in her sleep on 1st December 2006.

The charity contacted Urban Giants to design some branded popup banner stands which could be used at the local hospital to raise awareness, or taken to charity events etc to aid promotion. We developed a design for the banners based on their existing brand identity and corporate style, and worked with them to ensure that the banners would have the desired impact and instant recognition.

Abbie's Love Charity - Banner Design

Abbie’s Love Charity – Banner Design

Once the design had been signed off and approved for print, we informed Abbie’s Love that Urban Giants would be donating our design work and studio time for free, which was greatly received. Hopefully our donation will continue to raise awareness of the charity for years to come and provide a much bigger donation as a result.

Shortly after we completed the design work for the charity Urban Giants received some fantastic news, Abbie’s Love had been featured as part of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire show which was hosted in Middlesbrough. This will not only have a wonderful impact on the charity from a potential cash injection, but will also generate national awareness through the televised show, the resulting press coverage, as well as an impact on the internet and social media. As a result of the Secret Millionaire show, Abbie’s Love can hopefully continue to grow and help thousands more people to cope with SUDEP.

The secret Millionaire show will be on air Tuesday 26th April 2011 (Tonight) at 9:00pm on Channel 4, so please watch it and give them your support. Whether it’s time or money every donation, no matter how small, makes a giant impact.

Abbie's Love on Secret Millionaire

You can visit the Abbie’s Love website at www.abbieslove.com or alternatively visit the charity on Facebook.

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