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At Urban Giants Design we always have a beady eye on the prowl searching for new and creative ways to be unique, and ensure our clients remain unique. As brand identity and brand strategy specialists we are especially looking for unique typeface solutions to really make the logotype stand out from the crowd and communicate exactly the right messages.

We’ve always liked the idea of creating custom typefaces for our clients brands, but the reality of this is hours of hard work with Fontographer or commissioning a typeface agency to produce one for you which is expensive. We may however have found a fantastic solution to the issue with Fontstruct.

Fontstruct Typeface Creation by FontShop

Fontstruct Typeface Creation by FontShop

Fontstruct is a fantastic web-based application which allows you to build a custom typeface with relative ease, for free! The intuitive userinterface allows you to select various creative tools to illustrate each character of the font using a grid system. Once created you can then download your font for use.

The other fantastic element of the site, is that you can see what others have created and download their typefaces too. There are some good professional typefaces available to download from the Fontstruct Gallery.

Fontstruct Typeface Creation by FontShop

Fontstruct Typeface Creation by FontShop

Creating your own typeface is ideal for those who love typography, and just can’t seem to find the perfect face for the job. I’m sure it will also impress our clients to think that we have designed a font especially for them.

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