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SYB EventsUrban Giants Design are again proud to be part of the Start Your Business Events series hosted by Business Link. This is the third or forth year we’ve been selected to be part of this event series as an advisor and to deliver free creative seminars, and we love helping and supporting new business startups within the region.

The event is free and designed to give free advice across a range of business support subjects and areas, to anyone who is looking to start a business, in the process of launching a new business, or a young business which would like some support to develop. Experts can advise you on anything from finance to logistics.

Our role at the event is to provide you with free advice on how to create a company name and the things to consider, designing and developing your brand, brand protection, identifying and profiling your customers, advertising and marketing ideas, marketing strategies, website design and development, social media marketing… basically anything to do with design, marketing or promoting your business. We’ll just sit with you and have a real good chat about your business and things you need to think about and consider, what you realistically need in place to launch and then how to stage your marketing as you grow.

In addition to our advisors role, we have also been selected by Business Link to deliver a short seminar on Social Media Marketing for your business. We cover what social media actual is, open your mind to what it’s actual potential is and what it can be used for, and how that actually impacts on your business. No jargon, no magic, just good honest advice… that’s just the way we work.

Two weeks ago the first of the four events was held at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, where we spoke to a lot of fantastic people with some really exciting business potential, which was a pleasure. One of those people said this about us ‘10 mins with Urban Giants today, and i learned more about marketing and reaching out to customers than I have in the 5 years on my own.’ which is a nice thing to hear!

This Saturday is the second event of the series, which is being held at Newcastle Civic Centre. The event runs from 10am til 4pm, so feel free to call down and pick some brains, including ours, and to really find out what to do to get your idea off the ground and made into reality. We look forward to meeting you there!

If you can’t make the event then there are two other events, in Alnwick and Middlesbrough, which you can discover more about by visiting www.sybevents.co.uk.

If you can’t make any of the events, feel free to give us a call to arrange a meeting to discuss your new business on 0191 377 0933

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you wish to discuss how we can develop your brand or provide graphic design for your product or business, call us on 0191 377 0933 or email us at creative@urbangiants.co.uk


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