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At Urban Giants Design we’ve been designing and developing custom built CMS websites for years, and we always have one eye on emerging technologies and developments so we can keep things fresh and help differentiate our clients from their competition.

GlobalSport Ltd focus on sport scholarship opportunities for young people, in addition to sports education and coaching. It was therefore very important to consider this when designing and developing their website, to ensure it was professional but engaging for this age range.

With smart phones playing a large part in young peoples lives, even something as simple as navigating from one page to another had to be made more tactile and exciting. With this in mind we had a look beyond the standard way of navigating and transitioning from one page to another within a CMS website. Considering the content, pages and sub pages can be controlled by the site administrator and would then be dynamically loaded into each page on demand, this wasn’t such an easy task to achieve.

We decided to follow the standard way of clicking on a page title to start with, but this would then generate a more exciting response than usual. When you select a new page the content below slides horizontally to display the corresponding selected page. It also calculates how far from the current page the new content is and adjusts the speed and velocity accordingly to keep the selection responsive and useful. In addition to the standard selection you, as a user or visitor, can slide through the pages using the next and previous arrows either side of each content page. The only problem with this is you find yourself sliding the pages for fun and it gets a little addictive.

Visit the website and have a go for yourself… www.globalsportltd.com

Global Sport website design & development

Global Sport website design & development

We’ve also added more tactile sliding functionality to the login panel for the Players Lounge, along with the functionality within the Athletes page to search through the individuals and sports disciplines.

Global Sport website design & development

Global Sport website design & development

All of these additional functionality changes make the site more engaging to use for younger people, whilst retaining the professional element for organisations, educational establishments and companies looking to commercially engage with GlobalSport.

It’s vitally important for us to anticipate, consider and plan for the end user of any website, we have to know who they are, what they expect of you, and what they want to hear before we begin to design and develop anything. This is true of any creative project we undertake.

Due to the fact we develop our own custom built content management system, and don’t use any “out-of-the-box” solutions, it allows us to be fully flexible over what we can do for our clients to ensure they get the best result possible.

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