How to really engage people with social media

There’s more to social media marketing than just collecting friends and followers…

Most businesses are aware of Social Media Marketing, and the need to have a Facebook or Twitter account. Once you have them though, what realistically do you do with them to keep your existing clients and customers happy? Here at Urban Giants Design, we are interested in discovering what social media can really do for your business when you get creative.

There are still a large number of companies who can’t see the benefit of social media or understand how it can really impact on their business.

Online marketing is taking over in a big way, providing an instant response to change and development, raising brand awareness, reaching a wider audience and presenting you with a vital communications platform which is highly cost effective. Traditional marketing methods are still in operation, and there’s an argument to say that traditional methods are still required in some cases, but they are certainly in decline.

If you watch the following video you’ll be shocked at just how powerful social media has become.

Social Media Marketing is more than just having a chat with friends and business contacts, or following and poking each other. Existing functions which already exist within the various social media platforms can be utilised to create some truly outstanding brand awareness and marketing campaigns.

IKEA launch a new store using Facebook

Levis iSpy Twitter campaign

Mini Countryman iPhone App

Promoting the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef using YouTube

As you can see from the above videos, there’s a lot more to social media than collecting friends and followers like Panini football stickers. If you are creative you can utilise and harness the power of existing built in features to truly capture the imagination and details of thousands of potential new clients and customers.

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