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At Urban Giants Design we develop branding strategies and marketing campaigns across both print and digital based promotional platforms to help our clients reach the correct audience, efficiently and effectively. Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a significant shift in the way in which markets react to different advertising mediums, which has been largely influenced by the intelligent development of social media marketing campaigns. This has led to a noticeable and progressive decline in traditional media routes, such as newspapers and magazines. At Urban Giants we still feel that there’s an important role for print based marketing communications, and we love the tactile feel you can obtain with print.

Print can be intelligent too, providing you are creative and aren’t dismissive to it’s existence and role. To prove this we’ve found some recent work from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel, which we think is very clever indeed…

Shikun Binui Solaria by Saatchi & Saatchi

Shikun Binui Solaria by Saatchi & Saatchi

The print based advertising is for a Solar energy company, and is intended to raise awareness of the benefits of solar power. It is therefore a very clever use of printing techniques and ink knowledge to illustrate this exact power, albeit on a much more trivial scale. This is something which just wouldn’t have anywhere near say same impact and level of creative intelligence, if it was to be created using digital techniques. Obviously social media platforms help to spread the word as a viral reaction to it, as with this blog post, but the genius lies with the original concept and print.

There are intelligent inks which could be used to create some very inspiring and powerful print based marketing campaigns, which designers are probably not aware of, or choose to ignore in a quest for digital dominance.

Thermochromic Ink
As the name would suggest, these inks react and change according to temperature. When the inks are below the activation temperature they are clear/invisible, however, once the temperature exceeds the activation level the colours appear. Once the temperature falls again then the colours return to their clear states.

Thermochromic ink’s would be perfect for using in advertising campaigns for a warming drink, hot water bottles, summer holidays etc. Imagine a holiday brochure which is only visible at warm temperatures to remind you of how it would feel to be on holiday whilst your reading them!

Photochromic Ink
This is how I believe the Saatchi & Saatchi advert above must have been created. These inks remain invisible until they are exposed to a UV light, such as sunlight. Once exposed the colours appear, as in the example pictured above.

There are other printing ink technologies which glow in the dark, or react to water or other liquids.

So next time you are looking to produce some advertising or marketing for a client, don’t forget about print!

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