Logo Design on the Mind?

Urban Giants Design have just produced a new logo design and brand identity which got us using our brains quite a bit.

Following our design and creative advice workshops and seminars for Business Link earlier in the year, we were approached by an existing business to develop a new brand identity for them. Images in Mind provide a range of services for both individuals and companies centred around the human mind and how it functions. There service offering includes a range of solutions, from positive thinking and turning your dreams into a reality, right through to assisting and working with individuals who maybe suffering from mental health issues or depression.

This varied and wide range of services left us with a complicated task of visually communicating two completely different ends of the scale in an equally positive light, without any negative connotations arising.

Creatively we were tasked with the design of a new logo and brand identity, along with a strap-line which could then be used on a wide range of marketing and promotional material both on and offline. Something which allows for future growth and possibility, whilst projecting the professional integrity of the service level offered and visually communicating the process involved.

Images in Mind : Logo Design & Brand Identity

Images in Mind : Logo Design & Brand Identity

The logo is designed to visually communicate the fact that you have a vague picture in your mind, which then can be interpreted and given more clarity in order to make more sense of it and realise the reality of it. This was achieved using the rearranging of the word images from the brand device, through to the supporting text below, taking it from a block through to a written word. The use of typography allows us to select a typeface which looks a little under developed and not quite a full picture (Fur), through to the clean and perfectly formed Avant Garde, which communicates the process well. This was complimented through the use of colour, with the expected colour we visually associate with the human brain in pink, with the contrasting use of dark grey to suggest the thought process, as in the term “grey matter”.

We developed a marketing strap-line to support the brand identity which played on a double meaning… ‘Mindful of positive thoughts’. This is to suggest that you need to be mindful of positive thoughts, and the company are, along with the fact that the solution is intended to leave you with a mind full of positive thoughts.

Have a look at the logo design above and make your own mind up.

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