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At Urban Giants Design we specialists in brand identity, branding, brand guidelines, brand strategies, logo design and corporate identity. As you can probably tell, we love branding.

As brand design specialists we are always on the look out for creative inspiration, unusual designs, original concepts and great use of typography. This can come in many forms, real life, onscreen productions, the internet, but often the most interesting and personal inspiration comes from great creative books. There are many design books out there, many of which feature stale and unimaginative work which struggles to push the boundaries of anything really. Then every now and again you find a book which is packed full of truly inspiring ideas, rich with envious levels of creativity, such as the Typography Now series in it’s day.

Over the festive period I treated myself to a beautifully produced hardback copy of Los Logos 4. I’ve wanted this book for a little while but wanted to have a look at it before purchasing, so it was strange to discover that this was literally the only design book left on the shelf in Waterstones in the Metrocentre when I went in – it’s like fate!

Los Logos 4 Branding & Logo Design Book

Los Logos 4 Branding & Logo Design Book

The book is really worth it’s weight in Pantone gold, as the outer cover suggests. It’s packed full of impressive, intelligent and highly creative brand identities which drown you in inspiration and envy in equal measures. If you find yourself needing a creative revival of the senses to kick you on another couple of gears, and you love all things branding, typography and illustration, then this is definitely the book for you. I just can’t stop looking through it. It’s also a fantastic design book for the dedicated graphic design students aspiring to be brand connoisseurs of the future.

I love this book so much I immediately ordered the rest of the series from Amazon; Los Logos, Dos Logos and Tres Logos, all in delightfully indulgent hardback versions. A bit backwards in process I know, but  I’ll be inspired non the less by the arrival of the previous versions.

This amazing Los Logos book series can only serve to be a great investment for the Urban Giants Design studio, and inspire the design team to continue to create intelligent brand identities for our clients.

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