Middlehaven nets giant eyesore

Middlehaven has become the venue for Britain’s largest sculpture. Longer than a 747 jumbo jet, and standing as tall as Nelson’s Column, Temenos contains half a mile of steel cable at a staggering cost of 2.7m!

The so-called Tees Valley Giants series brings five “world-class” art installations by internationally acclaimed sculptor Anish Kapoor, and leading structural designer Cecil Balmond. As to who gives out the title of “World-class” is beyond me.

Temenos, based on a large butterfly net, was unveiled on 10th June 2010 as the first in a series of what Teesside will lay claim to as the biggest public art  in the world. Whilst many will claim it to be the biggest waste of money in the world.

Given the current economic climate of the country, and in particular the North East, I personally don’t think it’s anything to be proud of shouting about a 2.7m expense for a couple of giant hula-hoops and a bit of old net. It’s not pleasant to look at in anyway, and isn’t something you can admire once, never-mind again and again.

It’s also ironic that with all of the looming job cuts across the public sector, that the same public sector has funded this project which has a name deriving from the Greek verb τέμνω meaning “to cut”. I just hope that David Cameron steps in with a bit of reality and stops the other four, before Kapoor gets rich and people lose their jobs.

Where exactly does the reported 12m for this whole development go? How much of it goes directly into the creators pocket? I think the detailed accounts for these sculptures should be printed for public viewing in the press, just to clearly define where every penny for the 2.7m sculpture went before we give them any more money to create the others.

The vast amount of money for Temenos was funded by government initiative The Northern Way, Regional Development Agency One North East, the Arts Council England, the Northern Rock Foundation, Middlesbrough Football Club and BioRegional Quintain.

Apart from football supporters and old sea dogs, who actually visits Middlehaven Dock anyway?

I just don’t get this piece of “art”, neither can I justify it’s cost. Apart from Kapoor, and those who have to defend the fact they approved the funding for this, does anyone actually think this installation is a positive thing? I’d be interested to know peoples opinions on twitter.

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