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Domain names are an essential part of todays business and marketing strategies. Years ago people used to look through Yellow Pages to locate you, but now in recent years people will look to find you through Google or other search engines. Which means that awful company names such as A1 taxi’s and Aardvark Marketing will be phased out; hopefully being replaced with more creative and service specific names.

Domain names can also be vital in the race for holy grail of digital marketing – high Google rankings. It’s essential to get as high up the rankings as possible for your key search terms, aspiring to the number one slot.

With a multitude of businesses starting up in January, new year and a new start, domain names are a vital part of setting up and developing your company name, brand, launch campaign and long-term marketing strategy. It’s difficult enough to invent a name for your company which is unique and encompasses your service range and commercial offering, but in addition to this you also have to consider Google search terms and if your domains are available or not. I always advise my clients to start with how your customers will find you in Google and what services you offer, then decide on the company name and matching domain name.

Another key element is to ensure you can obtain both the .com and .co.uk versions of your website address, because you don’t want a rival or anyone else to buy them. If someone already owns one of those, either the .com or .co.uk, have a good look at who it is and decide whether or not you feel that this would be damaging to your company. Also, you could consider approaching them to buy it from them if it is deemed to be essential to your business.

It’s also worth considering multiple domains with tailored landing pages, which them filter through to your standard website. This structure builds up your Google rankings, and also provides tailored information which is specific to your clients needs.

To help with all of this, one of the UK’s largest hosting and domain name providers, www.34sp.com, are having a 50% off sale on domain names this month. This means that a .com domain is now only £10 for two years, and the .co.uk address is only £5 for two years, which is fantastic!

Unfortunately for me, I had just finished acquiring over 50 domain names as part of my marketing strategy for Urban Giants, so I’ve annoyingly paid full price and could have saved a fortune! Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes, but you can take advantage whilst it’s available.

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