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Urban Giants Design were recently approached by data capture specialists N2 Limited, to design and develop a new logo identity, following a referral from another client.

As with any branding project we undertake, it was important for us to profile N2 as a business, in order to fully understand their commercial offering, to whom they provide products or services for, and exactly how all of that works.

We designed a new brand identity to clearly communicate the core offering of the business; the capturing and processing of data to facilitate the business of others, through a range of devices, delivered across a multitude of commercial operating sectors.

The brand device was designed using a single typographic form to express both the ‘N’ & ‘2’ characters, consistently maintaining the same physical space, with the ‘2’ character being rotated by 90 degrees clockwise. Adjoining the two characters is a negative space cutout of a wifi or scan wave symbol, which visually binds the two elements together. The two type characters are also represented in different colours.

N2 Ltd - Logo Identity Design

N2 Ltd – Logo Identity Design

All of these graphic elements culminate to visually communicate the process behind N2’s core commercial offering. Essentially they digitally scan and capture raw data from a wide array of sources, which is analysed, interpreted and translated through to an alternative device or source via digital transmission into a format the end user or client would prefer to receive it in. So the original data, ‘n’, is captured by the wave, then rotated and changed colour into the ‘2’ for final transmission to the end user via the binding wave again.

This visual communication is then reiterated and confirmed via a sub-synced strapline, ‘The new wave in data capture’.

The logo has deliberately and very consciously been designed to appear very efficient, clean, organised, well engineered and professional, mimicking the service offered, whilst anticipating the wide range of intended physical applications from corporate stationery and website, through to branded equipment, vehicle livery and uniforms.

As with any brand identity we create, the logo is designed to be flexible within it’s own corporate colour range with complete consistency, allowing for flexible use across a multitude of different products and marketing collateral

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