New brand developed for City Web Consulting

Urban Giants Design are currently in the process of designing and developing a new brand identity for website development company City Web Consulting.

Urban Giants were approached as branding and design specialists to create a new logo identity, brand styling and a website design by Drupal programming and development company City Web Consulting.

At present we are in the middle of the project, establishing the brand identity itself, which we’ll translate through to the website design in coming days. We thought we’d give you a sneak preview of the logo design as it’s rather nice.

Our brief was to create something modern, fresh, professional, organised and creative, to reflect the companies ethos and service offering.

City Web Consulting - Brand Identity

City Web Consulting – Brand Identity

We Developed the logo incorporating the initials from the company name, with the two ‘C’ characters combining to create the ‘W’. It also resembles a fresh creative brush like doodle to show the design side. The typeface selection continues the fresh, clean, modern feel, with simple and approachable lines and form. With the colour fragments inside of the brand device signifying the various coding components and programming modules which, when brought together, make up a complete digital system.

City Web Consulting Logo

City Web Consulting Logo

As with any branding project we design and develop, the identity has been designed to be flexible within it’s own brand colours, operating on both white and grey backgrounds. This allows the brand to be applied more creatively to alter impact, diversify it’s communication and delivery impact across both digital and print based marketing literature.

We are now looking forward to translating this brand identity and logo design through to their company website, which City Web will be coding themselves. So, keep your eyes peeled for this over the coming days, we’ll no doubt give you a sneak peek of this also.

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