New Brand Identity Road Tested

We’ve had a diverse range of branding, design and digital jobs in over the past few weeks at Urban Giants Design, which is exactly the way we like it.

This week we’ve developed a brand identity and logo design for a new North East based motorcycle training academy, called Bud’s. We were kindly recommend as a result of previous work, which is always a flattering way to obtain work, for which we are grateful.

The client brief for the proposed development of the brand identity for Bud’s Motorcycle Academy was clear, if a little challenging. They required a logo which communicated motorbikes, but could not suggest or hint at any particular type of bike. The reason for this is clear, in that they train riders on anything from mopeds, through to classic bikes, harley’s and sports bikes, so they didn’t wish to favour any more than the other.

As always we wanted to create something simplistic but rich in communication, using vector based artwork for maximum flexibility of application, so we set about sketching, doodling and creating little storms in our brains. The resulting brand identity we feel answers the brief well, clearly depicting the rider and bike from above, without a hint as to the type of motorbike itself.

It can then be applied to specific bike types and styles as part of a tailored marketing campaign.

Bud's Motorcycle Academy

Bud’s Motorcycle Academy

Bud's Brand Identity

Bud’s Brand Identity

The client is extremely happy with the design of the logo and is in the process of applying it to their own marketing materials.

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