New brand identity spreads it’s wings

Urban Giants Design were recently approached to design a brand identity for a new hair & beauty salon based in the north east. Initially we were asked to assist with brand name generation around a concept/theme and then to design the logo and branding to communicate that through.

The concept was set around creating angels and heavenly relaxation, along with a feeling of bliss and purity. We set about researching other salons with a similar theme and words associated with the chosen concept, to ensure that we created something unique and without any brand clash issues. Finally we established the name ‘Seraph Hair & Beauty’, which is the highest order of angels which sat above the throne of God.

Once the brand name had been established, we then set about the difficult task of trying to design a logo which represented the Seraph concept, but which also communicated the business itself, which is hair & beauty. We wanted to do this in a modern and clean way, avoiding all of the cliched cherub like representations you might expect. As you can see from the brand sample below, we did this by combining expanded wings with the natural flow of hair, complimented by a halo. The head brand device was printed in metallic Pantone Gold to help give that special heavenly feel to the stationery and print promotion.

Seraph Hair & Beauty Brand Identity

Seraph Hair & Beauty Brand Identity

The brand identity was then translated through to store signage for the front of the salon, internal signage, stationery, flyers, advertising, loyalty cards, price lists and other promotional material, with a view to developing a website in the near future backed by a social media presence.

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