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For years now businesses have been scared of their competition, fighting them off at every turn. However, for me times are changing, and for the better! Businesses are now beginning to realise that we grow stronger if we stick together, sharing knowledge, resources and experience.

At Urban Giants Design we embrace the competition and love to share creative resources and ideas. We find a lot of information and inspiration through blogs and Twitter, which is why we are looking to introduce a new way of connecting and sharing info. Urban Giants are looking to replicate the success of the Twitter tag #NEfollowers, with the introduction of a new hash tag #NEcreatives

#NEcreatives tag - Designed to help, support & inspire North East Businesses via Twitter

#NEcreatives tag – Designed to help, support & inspire North East Businesses via Twitter

The thought behind this is to work together to establish a knowledge rich network for North East creatives, but also to assist local businesses.

Creative agencies and individuals can share knowledge, resources and tips using #NEcreatives at the end of their tweets – such as new type resources, inspirational sites, breaking creative news etc.

Businesses could also benefit from using the new tag #NEcreatives, by posting questions, queries, job opportunities, pitching opportunities or briefs on Twitter, which would be available for creatives to respond to.

Urban Giants are trying to initiate this new tag to benefit everyone, so why not tag along and start using it today. Show us your support by following us and sending us a tweet @urbangiants

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