Pay with a Tweet or Facebook to extend market reach

At Urban Giants Design we know how powerful social media really can be for your business, generating new contacts, improving customer service response, increasing brand awareness and market reach, expanding your research, intelligently generating new work and forming a PR platform.

Social media marketing isn’t about collecting followers like an old Panini Stick Album, and quoting hollow follower numbers, it’s about connecting with those who really matter to you and your business. So capturing the interest of those who are interested in what you have to offer is key, as is retaining their interest for the long term benefits.

Sometimes businesses offer free information or downloads to raise awareness and get people interested, acting as a little taster to the larger pie on offer. Why not combine this mentality with the power of social media. Instead of offering it completely free, you can request that people have to pay with a Tweet or a Facebook post before they can download what you have to offer.

Pay with a Tweet or Facebook Post

Pay with a Tweet or Facebook Post

This is a genius idea, because it increases traffic and brand awareness, as you’re still offering your taster for free, but in return for your generosity you generate more brand awareness and increase your market reach through advertising. If each person tweets or posts to a few hundred, or even a few thousand followers, then your offering grows and grows. The beauty of it is, your more likely to build a solid social following of people who are really interested in your products or services this way.

It’s easy to setup and do, so why not try it out and see what impact it has for your business.

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