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At Urban Giants Design we’ve always loved type, typography and typographic design. It’s a multitude of subtleties and creative discipline which work together to create the perfect typographic illustration.

Ever wondered or wished you could view your website through the eyes of Google? At Urban Giants Design we like to do this using typography and a touch of design…

I was once told that every typeface has a character, a tone of voice and a personality – never a true word has been spoken. For those who like to be pedantic, yes every typeface does indeed have a character, in fact they have quite a few, but I’m more interested in the human sense of the word.

Reading the personality and tone of voice of a typeface is something I take for granted now as an instant response, but it’s an immensely difficult skill to truly get right. But what about reading your personality through the body of content you write, and the things you may not realise you’re actually communicating.

I sometimes use a free website resource to create an element of typographic interest to enhance something which maybe needs a creative boost, such as a document, proposal or presentation, or more importantly to get some insight into the textual content of a website. The website in question is one which you may or may not have heard of… www.wordle.net

Wordle is an interesting little bit of web-based software which generates a typographic illustration for any body or list of text you enter, or even a website. It dynamically calculates the most commonly used words, emphasing the most used with increased point size and colour change. To illustrate my point (if you pardon the nerdy pun), I have input the Urban Giants studio blog – www.feefifofum.co.uk – and here’s the type illustration it generated…

Wordle.net - Dynamic Typographic Illustration

Wordle.net – Dynamic Typographic Illustration

In addition to it being a visually interesting piece of typographic design, it’s also an interesting experiment to see what you really write about, and what you are communicating to others. Not surprisingly for Urban Giants the illustrative portrayal of our studio blog above is clearly littered with words like “creative”, “create”, “design”, “art”, “designer”, “graphic”, “giant”, “photography”, “think” and “project”.

It’s a useful tool to demonstrate to clients what they are really saying with their website content. If you have a company why not try it and see for yourself, and if you’re not happy with what you find just give us a call to discuss what it should be saying. This is not a bad way of looking at your website through the eyes of Google.

Your online presence is vital to the success of your business, so can you afford not to give it a quick go to see what you’re really telling people?

Wordle works directly with websites which generate an RSS feed or similar, such as blogs, by copying and pasting a body of text, or by just entering text off the top of your head.

This is also a good tool to brighten up a CV, summarise a proposal or PowerPoint presentation (KeyNote presentation if you have a real computer!), creating a piece of artwork, a t-shirt, or to create an interesting homepage illustration to sum up the intentions for your website.

Whatever the reason for using Wordle, I’m sure you’ll have fun using it and create something interesting.

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