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Last week Urban Giants Design were pleased to receive official notification that our company brand is now protected by Trademark. It is a relief to know that we have further protected our brand and company. But are you protecting yours? Had you even thought about it? Would you know where to start?

Brand protection is an essential aspect of todays modern business, and one which every business should take very seriously, irrespective of your size. Behind every successful business or entrepreneur there are hundreds of people looking to rip you off and hitch an easy ride.

Your companies brand identity is more valuable than you realise, and is likely to be your companies biggest asset. Consider this… if your clients had their memories wiped overnight and forgot who you were and everything about your brand and company, how much damage would that cause your business? It would be like starting all over again.

Terms such as “Brand Clash”, “Passing Off” and “Plagiarism” are affecting companies more often than you think, and something you should be well aware of from the second you conceive your business idea. If you’ve worked hard to develop a business, you then need to ensure you protect it. You could be in a position where you’re spending a lot of time and money on generating awareness, only for another company to be reaping all the benefits.

Trademarking your brand is just one element in the overall protection strategy. There are various ways to ensure your brand is protected. This protection begins from the moment you consider your company name and market strategy, it should be an integral part of your business plan. It should also be a key factor when enrolling new staff members, or dealing with third party organisations and providers.

Protecting your brand isn’t an expensive process, in fact it doesn’t cost very much at all. This process is more about education, awareness, consistency of application and thinking differently, which we can help you with. There are a multitude of things we can put in place and provide advice on to help you achieve this.

It’s amazing how many creative agencies will design you a logo or a brand without any knowledge of how to protect it. Just have a think if you’ve had a logo designed… did the agency who developed the identity mention anything about protecting it or how to use it? …thought not!

This blog post isn’t meant to scare companies through our front door, because that’s not our style. We aren’t trying to sell you anything, we just provide you with good honest advice. If you are scared of what you’ve read above, then this means you’re passionate about your company and are intelligent enough to realise that protecting it is important. If you are worried or have any questions then feel free to arrange a free chat with us to discuss it. We have delivered free seminars on how to protect your brand and the importance of brand protection to many businesses.

At Urban Giants we specialise in branding, with a passionate interest in protecting our clients and their commercial image. We can advise you on how to protect your brand both now and for the future. If you would like to protect your brand, or discuss the development of an offline or online brand identity and promotional brand strategy, please contact us.

If you wish to discuss how we can develop your brand or provide graphic design for your product or business, call us on 0191 377 0933 or email us at creative@urbangiants.co.uk


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