Social Media & Guerrilla Marketing – Mini Style

Mini are always at the cutting edge of marketing across the globe, with inventive new ways to engage their target audience and getting people talking and buzzing about the Mini brand. Berlin formed the base of their latest guerrilla marketing campaign, backed by social media technology and a bit of creativity to engage a global audience.

Mini’s marketing team installed a branded Photo booth on one of Berlin’s busiest streets, and asked visitors to wear a pair of specific head phones and have their photograph taken for their chance to win a Mini. The ear phones were designed to resemble the wing mirrors of the mini. The resulting image was then digitally inserted into an advert along side the Mini, within the familiar Mini branded adverting format, with the supporting slogan ‘Be Mini’. The finished image was displayed on a giant digital billboard across the street for all to see.

Be Mini - Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Be Mini – Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

This resulted in the people of Berlin texting, photographing, uploading images & video, sharing content, and taking about the marketing event through the usual social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

To engage a world wide audience in the marketing activity, Mini didn’t just stop there, they introduced a custom-built Facebook App. This App brought the photo booth to the comfort of your own home through Facebook, allowing you to take a photo of yourself using your webcam and some carefully designed graphic headphones digitally overlaid to form part of the finished image. All you had to do was to position your head in the right place within the template and click for your chance to win a mini.

It’s a very creative and clever idea, designed to create a buzz on the street itself, along with people advertising the product through social media, backed by a social media engagement interface to capture a global audience.

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