Social Media Website Designed for the Armed Forces

At Urban Giants Design we have a multitude of clients across a diverse range of commercial sectors, so every project is different to the next. Recently we were approached to design and develop a social media website dedicated to the Armed Forces.

The website is intended to provide a social platform to both serving and ex-serving armed forces personnel, establishing a dedicated area to discuss those things you may not wish to divulge on an open civvies platform such as Facebook, and engage with others who really understand. It also allows members to get to know other regiments and discover information from other specialist areas etc.

The new social media platform was commissioned by an ex-serving member of the armed forces, so it’s built from a members point of view by someone who knows.

Initially we developed a brand identity which is suggestive of conversations out in the field, as such ‘Pull Up A Sandbag‘ became the name of the social media site. A logo was designed to look open and inviting to join a discussion with an armed forces feel, through illustration style, colour palette and textured typography. The use of blue and green in the brand is to represent Army, Navy & Airforce colours.

Pullupasandbag.com - Logo Design

Pullupasandbag.com – Logo Design

The website has been designed with similar features to other commonly used social platforms to which many of us have grown accustomed to, such as a Timeline Profile Page to share status updates, post news and engage in conversation with followers & friends. The site also allows for the creation of Groups and Events, along with Photo Galleries for users, Image Tagging, Friend Requests, Comments and Geo-tagging Locations.

Pullupasandbag.com - Website Welcome Page

Pullupasandbag.com – Website Welcome Page

Pullupasandbag.com - Member Timeline Profile Page

Pullupasandbag.com – Member Timeline Profile Page

The site is free to use, but does require you to securely register in order to access content beyond the welcome page in order to protect it’s members content.

Each member is encouraged to enter their regiment details and service record, which then allows other members to search for users by regiment etc, in addition to the persons name, making it unique to the Armed Forces.

The website has just recently launched and is already attracting a multitude of members and looks set to be a massive success for the Armed Forces Network.

Visit www.pullupasandbag.com website now to create a free account and become part of a unique unit.

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