The Face is strong with this one

At Urban Giants Design we’ve always had an obsession with typography and all things type. A lot of years ago now, we even specialised in typography and typographic communications at University because we loved it so much. So we are always on the look out for new typeface resources and inspiring typography artwork and illustrations.

Recently we have stumbled across a great typographic poster series designed by H-57 on The Ads of the World website, which combines a love of type with the obsession for Star Wars.

The series of three posters are very cleanly and precisely executed using purely type to create the distinctive and instantly recognisable characters. The posters feature three of the most iconic Star Wars figures in the Storm Trouper, Darth Vader and Master Yoda, which brings a whole new dimension to the typographic phrase “characters”.

Star Wars Typographic Poster Series

Star Wars Typographic Poster Series

The illustrations are supported with the strapline of … “May the force of typography be with you”, which maybe a little cheesy or nerdy for some, but for others there’s a cleverness to this which will make you envious you never created them yourself.

The element I like about the posters the most, besides the simplistic quirky charm, is the fact that the creator has produced a type key for every poster, outlining each of the characters used, along with their typeface and weight.

Star Wars Typographic Poster - Storm Trouper

Star Wars Typographic Poster – Storm Trouper

Star Wars Typographic Poster - Darth Vader

Star Wars Typographic Poster – Darth Vader

Star Wars Typographic Poster - Master Yoda

Star Wars Typographic Poster – Master Yoda

Typography plays a major role in our specialist area of branding and brand identity design, so it’s nice to see something creative using type in a more light hearted way.

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