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At Urban Giants Design we like to encourage our clients to be creative and get out there and make an impact through something different, either through traditional media or social media marketing. We are currently delivering social media seminars at Business Link’s Start Your Business Events where we discuss just that, demonstrating how big brands such as Ikea and Levi’s use simple but clever ideas and a mixture of on and offline marketing to create a giant impact.

It’s easy for small businesses to think, ‘well these are big household brands, how can my small business do something like that?’, but you’d be wrong to think that. These ideas are generally very low cost, they use existing technology, and best of all other people do the advertising for you in the end… all you need is a little creativity.

Local luxury lingerie designer, Michelle Taylor from Tallulah Love, has demonstrated just that with her recent flash mob style hijacking of the Turner Prize at Gateshead’s Baltic art gallery. Well, maybe more flasher mob to be fair, ha ha!

Tallulah Love Luxury Lingerie

Tallulah Love Luxury Lingerie

The Tallulah Love Luxury Lingerie team set about creating a PR promotional stunt which would get people talking about their brand through word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and through mobile technology. It is a giant accolade for the region and the Baltic to secure the hosting of this years Turner Prize, as it’s such a high profile creative event, with a high profile media presence to match. So, if you can engineer something creative around it’s launch then that would be ideal… and that’s exactly what Michelle had planned.

She gathered together a group of young female models by recruiting through friends on Facebook and Twitter (all of which were capable of keeping a secret! Which was vital.) and planned a flash mob style fashion show at the opening of the Turner Prize 2011. For those who don’t know, flash mobbing is where you get a group of people to turn up to a public location and then they perform a routine to the public, such as singing or dancing usually, which was recently made most famous by T-Mobile TV advertising.

Each model was briefed (pardon the pun) and then given a set of lingerie form the Tallulah Love range. A big red bus was then sourced to transport all of the Tallulah’s to the location on the night.

The Tallulah Love Bus

The Tallulah Love Bus

Clues and teasing messages were given by the Tallulah team through their social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, hinting as to what was planned, when, but not where. Readers and followers had to stay tuned to discover more clues, and finally where the location was on the day. If the location was leaked too early then the promotional stunt wouldn’t have worked as the element of surprise would have been lost. This generated more followers, and along with it people discussing the Tallulah Love brand name across the social media platforms, increasing brand awareness as a result.

Once the event grew closer the location was revealed, Michelle and the team boarded the bus to travel to Gateshead’s Millennium Bridge to cause a stir. Once there the models strutted their stuff wearing nothing but Tallulah Love Luxury Lingerie and a cheeky smile, catwalking across the iconic Millennium Bridge and outside the Baltic art gallery. The models were also accompanied by Newcastle based musicians ‘My other Life band’ who providing the love themed backing tracks to the performance.

Tallulah Love on Gateshead's Millennium Bridge

Tallulah Love on Gateshead’s Millennium Bridge

Tallulah Love Models outside The Turner Prize 2011

Tallulah Love Models outside The Turner Prize 2011

The event caused quite a stir both inside and outside the Turner Prize 2011 launch event, with many people not only talking about Tallulah Love Luxury Lingerie, but photographing and videoing the promotional stunt to send to friends and upload to social media sites, in addition to texting their friends. It also generated much media interest through, newspapers, magazines and TV coverage. The event also coincided with the launch of Tallulah Love’s first promotional video launch… http://youtu.be/p9r0ndpFjaw

So it just goes to show you that you don’t have to be a massive household brand to create a giant impact, all you need is a little bit of imagination and planning. Well done to Michelle, the Tallulah Team and all of the models involved for braving the cold for the greater good! A fantastic campaign and a giant impact! Hopefully this will inspire more of you to think and create something a little different.


At Urban Giants Design we like to encourage our clients to be creative and get out there and make an impact through something different, either through traditional media or social media marketing.

Michelle Taylor with the Tallulah Lovelies

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