Twitter Bird Flew Vaccine…

Twitter is currently having it’s wings clipped by a nasty bug infestation! The black bug is manifesting itself as blacked out tweets, which spread when you roll your mouse over an infected tweet.


Twitter Bird Flew Virus

Twitter Bird Flew Virus

As soon as you have rolled your mouse over an infected tweet it automatically populates a string of code into your tweet/comment box and proceeds to automatically post itself to your feed, coughing up black tweets.

Not wanting to get too nerdy on this, but it is generated and spread due to a security flaw which allows you to post Javascript into the tweet box. The creators of Twitter have obviously been very trusting and assumed that nobody would exploit this. You know what they say don’t you… “assumption is the mother of all f*ckups!”.

It’s also not the first time this has happened neither, so you think Twitter would have learnt their lesson by now wouldn’t you, ooops!

The Vaccine
One way to stop this is to not rollover any black tweets if you see them. For those who have been infected, then enter your profile page and delete your tweet.

This black bug appears not to be affecting Twitter Apps, so avoiding access through the main website is also an option. It seems obvious that if there are problems with infected birds then you should hit the deck, Tweet Deck! Basically, don’t log in to the Twitter website – it’s a NO FLY ZONE!

It seems that the main aim of this is to make the news and history by bringing down Twitter, unless we stop it fast! So, get deleting those automatic tweets.

It would appear the individual who created this goes by the tag of “Matsta”.

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