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Over the last few years Twitter has been a developing social media technology which has woven it’s way into most businesses marketing strategies and daily activities.

Often businesses adopt a Twitter account because they wish to sell more to the public or other businesses. But Twitter is actually much more than this, and using it for sales only can be off putting to others. In todays society nobody likes to be sold to constantly, they wish to shop based on trust, relationships, brand loyalty and recommendations from others.

At Urban Giants Design we like to give our clients as much help and support as we can, so we thought we’d give you a few free tricks and tips to improve your Twitter accounts and expand your mind to what it’s capable of.

Pitching Yourself as an Expert

One way to build brand loyalty is to establish yourself as an “expert” in your field. You can build this reputation through Twitter, by constantly providing people with information and knowledge surrounding your subject specialty.

Make a list of things you want to be known for and then constantly write about them.

Use Twitter as a PR & Promotions platform

If you have any good news about developments in your company, new staff, charity work, new contract wins, new product launches etc then let people know.

Another great tip is to follow local and national press publications, trade press, radio shows, news networks and local TV news stations. Have a look through your papers and trade press to discover who the business editors are, then find and follow them on Twitter and say hello. Journalists are always looking for news and stories, so if you build a relationship with them through Twitter you may well find your latest news in the press too just from sending a tweet.

Twitter’s search and advanced search facility

Twitter has a built in search facility which is very handy if you open your mind to it’s capabilities…

1. Use it to intelligently research – enter the keywords you require and save the search. Anytime anyone enters a keyword in lists it in your search results, so you can keep an eye on breaking news on a specified subject.

2. Use it for customer service purposes – enter your business name or product names to see if anyone is talking about you or your products. If it’s good retweet it and send them a thank you tweet. If it’s bad you can tweet the an apology and then take the discussion offline to resolve it professionally, thus stopping it from spreading to thousands and becoming worse.

3. Using it to intelligently develop sales opportunities – For example, if you owned a broadband company you can search for “broadband problems”, “broadband issues”, “broadband not working” etc, which provides you with an opportunity to see anyone having a problem with their current provider and give you the opportunity to interject and offer your services instead… “I’m sorry you are experiencing problems with your broadband, is their anything we can do to help?”. You can also search for “broadband” and “broadband provider”, so if anyone is tweeting “Does anyone know the best broadband provider in this area” then you can reply with “We offer high speed broadband in that area, would you like more details on our services”. The search can also be tailored to an area through the advanced settings which may help further target customers.

Open Doors

Make a list of companies you would like to work for or with, that you know would love your services if they only knew about you. Then search for them on Twitter, or see if they have a twitter link from their website. Once you’ve found them, follow them and say hello. Out of general human noisiness they will have a look to see who’s just followed them. If you see them tweeting about something you are interested in or could advise them on, then reply and join in.


People often are a little unsure of hashtags, what they are and how to use them. They are simple really…

A hashtag is basically used as a flagging keyword or signpost. For example I might tweet about a new SLR camera “We’ve just seen the latest SLR camera from Canon, it’s great value with some fantastic features.” I haven’t mentioned the words ‘Photography’ or ‘Photographers’, but people who search for these terms may find my tweet helpful, so therefore at the end of my tweet I would add the hashtags #Photography & #Photographers so they could find it when using Twitters search facility.

In the North East of England we have a hashtag #NEFollowers , which is used to draw attention to tweets which are of any interest to people from the area, such as big events or news etc. Check out your local tweets to see if you have anything similar. At Urban Giants we also initiated the use of #NECreatives for drawing attention to any tweets which are of interest or benefit to North East creative agencies.

#Just #make #sure #you #dont #hashtag #everything like some people do.

Hopefully, the above tips and tricks have been helpful to you and will assist you in developing your social media marketing for your business, opening your mind to what Twitter is actually capable of. Hopefully this will also help us all to continue to share information to help each other, which is the way business should be done.

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