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They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. So when I had a dig around in the Urban Giants studio I found the perfect way to demonstrate our creative experience.

After working in graphic design, brand design, mutlimedia and web design for over 14 years now, we’d like to think we’ve seen a lot of changes and absorbed a great deal of creative knowledge which we can share with our clients.

It’s showing our age now, but we remember Photoshop 1, lettraset typeface transfer sheets and font books; so we’re definitely not fresh faced and wet behind the ears. Our first ever Apple Mac is now out-performed by a cheap USB stick; which gives us a little chuckle.

We have moved at a rapid pace over that time to stay fresh and develop our creative skills. This is illustrated perfectly by our recent magical little find…

Urban Giants creative experience in Apple Mac Mice

Urban Giants creative experience illustrated by our history of Apple Mac Mice

It’s strange how you forget things which were a large part of your day, but I had completely forgotten that I owned and used these to design with.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the earlier Mac’s which they were attached to, but it’s a visual testament to our creative experience, and our continued passion and dedication to the design industry.

Visit www.urbangiants.co.uk to see what we can do with one of these.

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