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When you’ve been in your industry for years, it’s sometimes easy to forget that not everyone has your knowledge, and sometimes what you may think are obvious others may not agree. So we thought we would try to explain a few things to help some of you out, and make you feel more comfortable.

At Urban Giants Design we always think of our clients in everything we do. When we develop creative campaigns, whether it’s branding, marketing, a new website or a social media marketing campaign, we always take the time to explain exactly what we are doing and why, and most importantly how it will impact on your business and your clients, how that happens and why. We believe that there’s no point in providing our clients with a powerful communications platform if there’s no explanation of how to truly get the best out of it and make it work for their business. This is especially true for social media campaigns.

One of the things we’ve discovered is that some of our clients aren’t very familiar with the terminology surrounding the building of websites, and to be honest, why should they be? If our clients knew as much as we did then they wouldn’t need us would they. With that in mind I thought we should share one easy analogy with you, which may help some of you when approaching a website project for the first time…

Many people are confused with domains, hosting, and website design, and what you need in place to get a new website off the ground. The easiest way to describe this, is if we explain it like building a house…

1. Firstly, you need a plot of land on which to build your house, and you can’t build a house without it. – This plot of land is your ‘hosting’. Hosting is essentially the renting of some hard drive space on a computer (server) which is fully managed by a team of specialists in a chilled storage unit to ensure it always runs perfectly. Depending on what valuables you store on your plot, such as financial or personal details depends on what level of security you need. Think of secure certificates and firewalls as big iron gates, an 8ft high wall, cameras, a security guard and guard dogs around the edge of your plot.

2. Secondly, we need to think about what house we really need to suit our requirements and how we wish to entertain others. We also need to consider how much money we have to build it, and how are we going to grow in the future so we can allow for easy expansion. Your house is essentially the design and build of your website. As with a house, everything is possible and you can design pretty much whatever you like within budget.

3. Finally, you need an address to give people to be able to find you, which is your website address (domain name), of which you can have more than one pointing to your house if you wish.

This explanation isn’t suitable for everyone, we know, but we also know from experience that there are a lot of people who would actually benefit from this, so we hope it’s been helpful. Even if this only helps one person, from our point of view it was worth writing.

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