Who should manage your social media marketing?

Who Should manage your social media accounts?

Should you use a third party agency to manage your account for you?

To discover the answer, we must first fully understand the question.

At Urban Giants Design we know how powerful social media marketing can be for your business if it’s managed correctly.

There are many companies who will gladly offer to manage your social media accounts for you, writing content and posting your updates, but we aren’t really one of those. As a long term solution we don’t believe in managing your social media content, we firmly believe that the best person to do that is you, and we’ll explain why…

Often companies are attracted and tempted by the offer of someone else managing their social media accounts, as they don’t fully understand the technology and it’s capabilities, or they may feel that they don’t have time to do it. But think about this, would you send your PR or marketing agency to an important networking event to network for you? Would you send your PR or marketing agency to negotiate a new contract or pitch your company to a new customer? I’m guessing the answer is ‘no’, so why would you let them do this online?

Social media isn’t just a sales platform to make your customers and clients aware of latest offers, promotions and sales drives, it should be more intelligent than that. In fact people don’t take too kindly to sales only social media accounts. You wouldn’t walk over to someone you’d never met before and start the conversation with ‘Get 10% our products today’, you would initiate conversation, build a relationship and then introduce your offer. It’s exactly the same with social media, it isn’t called ‘social’ for nothing.

For example, you can use social media as a fantastic tool for conducting intelligent research through following the right sources, asking industry peers and your customers/clients questions, watching trends and following Journalists. You can discover the latest breaking news and developments, which can have a huge impact on your business, way before any other traditional news networks.

You can establish links and contacts with other people and businesses that you may not have been able to achieve by any other means. It’s often the case that social media accounts are ran by higher management and business owners, so you can access and connect straight to the people you want, rather than cold calling and getting nowhere. It’s just like networking, but without leaving your desk.

Social media also offers you the chance to improve your customer service and client/customer satisfaction rates, by giving you the opportunity to talk to your customers direct. Good feedback can go a long way on social media, and so can a ‘thank you for your business’. But equally, negative feedback can go just as far if you aren’t there to try to manage it.

Social media also offers you the chance to intelligently source new connection and sales opportunities through clever search facilities etc.

You can also us it as an opportunity to pitch yourself as an expert in your field, so everyone thinks of you when they need support in your area of business.

As you can see, promoting your latest offers and sales promotions is just a small fraction of what social media is capable of. You need to be personally connecting with others, discussing the latest developments, keeping your eye on the latest developments which may affect your business. The person best placed to do this is you!

Quite often we will be somewhere or being doing something as part of our business day to day operation and something newsworthy may happen, we need to be able to act on that immediately either through our mobile devices or via a laptop or desktop machine. If we  employed a third party agency to handle our content we’d miss out on so many opportunities, as they wouldn’t be there when it happens, the moment will pass or they would have to travel to where you are in order to make the most of the opportunity.

You would have to educate the third party agency on what to research and watch, who to engage with and what to report on. They may not deem something to be important, however to you it maybe an opportunity to change the dynamics of your business forever.

A third party company would have to contact you multiple times a day to get the most return for your business, but of course they have you on a 3 day monthly retainer, which just isn’t going to work in the long term.

At Urban Giants Design we firmly believe that you are the only one who can truly get the best out of social media marketing for your business. Therefore we spend our time ensuring that your social platforms are setup to be as efficient as possible, dynamically feeding content from one to the other, saving you time and effort. We take the time to train you in how to really use social media sites, what their capabilities are, and just how easy they are to use once you know how.

Social media sites are fast, easy to use, provide you with an instant response and can be accessed from your pocket. Once you understand the technology properly and know what is newsworthy content, then you soon realise just how powerful social media is for your business. Put it this way, what other marketing platform allows you to contact thousands of people instantly for free from your mobile phone or computer? The answer is nothing!

When used intelligently, social media converts your dead time into profitable activity, using it when maybe you’re waiting for a meeting, having your lunch, travelling or at an event.

Third party companies can be used to supplement your social media input, with additional stories and offers, but primarily the account should be managed by you. It’s often a good thing for the third party creative agency to initially launch your blog and input content for the initial short term launch period, with a view to easing back with a clear exit strategy with progressive hand over to yourselves. This way you can feel comfortable that you know what and how to write, as it’s easier once you’ve seen clear examples of how it should be done, as it’s often the mystery and the unknown which scares people the most with social media marketing.

If you intend to keep your social media marketing internal, just ensure that the person who manages the account knows your business well, they have the power to make decisions, they’re regularly briefed or have access to everything that occurs in the business, they aren’t going to damage your business and they know how you intend to grow and develop. Often companies can give their social media accounts to young junior staff thinking that “they know the technology best”, but the technology is easy to learn, it’s the business experience and one-to-one interaction that makes the difference.

A few things to consider, but we know who we trust our online reputation to… us!

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